September 26, 2022

The Beverly Hills of Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur – A jungle of diversity in ethnicity, capabilities, opportunities and as icing to that cake, also a jungle of cuisine, style and a boarder of where the past meets the future. Kuala Lumpur with all its renowned traits has become the 9th city for the ideal retirement, and to justify that statement, Kuala Lumpur is a city that’s thriving in urban development and has created their own “Beverly hill’s” like areas, luxurious living spaces and eco friendly townships.

Kuala Lumpur may be mostly known for its amazing central city, but these clusters of neighborhoods that cater to a variety of tastes and lifestyles add to the city and even the country’s variety. Allow us to walk you through the prominent areas Kuala Lumpur is known for and where the hype begins to lead and articulate proudly with the Malaysian cultural being whilst being innovative and futuristic.

Bangsar – The Suburb

Do you like living in the city but at the same time want the practices and the tone of a suburb? Bangsar is a neighborhood that offers the peace and quiet of the typical developed suburb-ed, yet is home to the city’s best restaurants, bars and eateries, with also beautiful commercial shopping and leisure spots for those weekend strolls.

On the topic of strolls, Bangsar is partially built on a hill meaning it is scenic and overlooks Kuala Lumpur’s City centre pristinely. This location and layout radiate the most welcoming feeling, having everything you could possibly need within a 5min drive and if you are really lucky perhaps even just a gentle stroll.

Bangsar has one of the largest clusters of hipster cafes in the KL region. This cosmopolitan area is the place to go for the modern art, boutiques and artisan places for the urban dweller. This concept is really catering to niche tastes, and satisfying cravings of all senses. Bangsar is a great hideout for regulars and a haven for cafe hoppers looking for the new next best thing.

The layout of the housing includes rows of bungalows and terraced houses that line the streets of this neighborhood, housing a blend of cultures from local Malays to foreign expats. Property prices are on a higher-end here as the area boasts numerous shopping malls, a thriving night-market and even has the famous Pantai Hospital in the vicinity. This area has also over the years become the “IT” location meaning it’s home to a lot of the Malaysian Celebs and elites due to its scenic, secure, commercial and social value.

However, Bangsar doesn’t have many schools, local or international, close by, a drive of at least 10-20mins is needed depending on the institution chosen. As Bangsar is quite an old area of Kuala Lumpur, new property launches are limited, but a lot of heritage and past built architecture has been renovated to meet the modern age and kept the old shabby beauty of things. 

Mont Kiara and Sri Hartamas –

Mont Kiara is an affluent township that houses most of the expats that find their way to Kuala Lumpur. This township is also home to a number of international schools such as Mont Kiara International School and Garden International School, expat and local families mostly seek after this area, hence the presence of international schools and also international franchises are stores are by the dozen in the commercial centers of this area. It’s the perfect ‘suburban bubble’ with quiet streets, a few small malls and loads of greenery.

Housing is not a problem at all in this area, with large property developments in abundance. From high-rise condos to luxurious gated communities, you can find semi detached houses, serviced apartments and stand-alone properties. Properties in Mont Kiara do cater to a more upscale audience (elite), but due to the sheer number of buildings in the area (mass supply), you can always grab a good deal.

It’s good to bear in mind however, that Mont Kiara is around 20 minutes away from the city centre, and traffic during peak hours is quite the headache getting in and out of the area, so if you do choose to settle here make sure your daily routine falls between the vicinity. Currently the area is not connected by public transport, and having a car is a must, but in the near future this will be accessible, seeing as, RapidKL is fast building train lines that should soon connect the township to the rest of KL.

That basically sums up the “Beverly” vibes for Kuala Lumpur living, if you want to feel like you are admits luxury but still in touch with the rawness and beauty of Malaysia itself, these three locations are ideal, and even have that suburb feel the ow-so-famous Beverly Hills is known for. The other locations around Kuala Lumpur are not so fancy-pancy, instead of the real suburbs of Malaysia making it very local in architecture, not heritage buildings, but old fashioned simplistic designs and layouts, with more local enterprises in its radius.

With Malaysia developing at the rapid speed it is, I think it is safe to make the analysis that vertical homes have become the society – futuristic and expensive, as for the horizontal living is still community based and Malaysia is growing in both directions giving us a good variation of living styles and neighborhoods.

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