September 26, 2022

The Art of Winning Digital Consumers, Gen Z

Today, businesses and marketers are desperately anticipating the whims of Gen Z, the demographic born after 1996. The GenZers have used the Internet since a young age, and they are generally comfortable with technology and with interacting on social media, they often been accused as disruptive that killed industries such as taxis, post, film, landline phone and even banking.

Together with this Gen Z, we consumers have access to global within our handheld smartphone and just few clicks away. The government of Malaysia through Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) conducts digital business public courses.

As GenZers is the first generation born into a fully digital world, it is time for businesses to prepare for them, who always keep their attention “almost constantly” to online market places. We need to our best to appease this generation by finding innovative ways to incorporate online orders into the web store to accommodate their shopping expectations.

More than 70% of Gen Zers influence their family’s spending that sway billions of dollars in spending power. International Business Machines Report, 2017

Businesses are scrambling to understand their desires, of GenZers that always  demand ultimate convenience, such as fast shipping as a competitive differentiator, and multichannel commerce, which allows them to shop anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

It’s time for us to understand and meet the expectations of Gen Z customers, marketers must understand what makes them unique shoppers.

Matt Mullen the Managing Director of a global provider of logistics software, Proship listed some   Gen Z attributes:

1. True Digital Natives

This digitally influenced generation has grown up with Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.  Seeing others with new products and experiences drives Gen Zs to purchase these goods and services both online and in stores.

2. Authenticity Believers

With a world full of “fake news,” Gen Z prefers transparency. They respond best to real people over celebrities when it comes to reviews and recommendations on products, as they trust their social networks.

3. Convenience Seekers

Gen Z has an eight-second attention span , four seconds less than millennials. This means they want to find their products fast and don’t want to spend time searching.

4. Multitaskers

Since they were born, the Gen Zs’ lives have revolved around technology. It is common for them to use at least two devices at once to get the goods they want, when they want them.

5. Hold High Standards

GenZers have high expectations when shopping online. They expect to have an experience when they shop, and they desire easily accessible and convenient options that fit their lifestyle.

In short, this digitally focused generation pushes for greater, faster, more convenient shopping experiences, which constantly keeps businesses on their toes. Recognizing the Gen Z desire for instant gratification, it is up to businesses to meet their demands and ensure complete customer satisfaction.


You missed but don’t ignore Tik Tok

Once businesses have identified who Gen Z shoppers are, the next step is to learn how they prefer to shop and identify ways to meet their preferences.  Since, most GenZers shoppers use their mobile phones as their main shopping device, Nicolas Miachon is CMO of Upfluence suggested marketers to Get familiar with new platforms like TikTok and their influencers.

TikTok is an apps that allows users to record up to 15-second videos. The apps allow creators to freely expose their creativity be it  them dancing, lip-synching, playing with filters and more. Apple app store reporter Tik Tok as most downloaded non-game app in the first quarter of 2018.

Gaming Your Marketing

The fact Social Media boomed up due to its User Generated Content capabilities and allowing gaming as part of it attraction. Marketers need to utilities this trend by letting consumers be part of their marketing game.

Brand like Beiersdorf, Disney and Kit Kat used influencers to crack the audience to upload user generated contents thru lip syncing app that has over 200 million GenZers users.

AXE Body Spray took their “#PraiseUp” campaign differently by challenging young men to record themselves giving praise to their friends, forging deeper connections and demonstrating that sharing affection doesn’t make them less of “a real man.”

The campaign featured celebrity influencers managed to shift men ages 15 to 25 towards inclusivity and acceptance, and that there’s a growing trend showing young men feel more comfortable saying things that may have been considered prohibited in the past.

A study also found that many Gen Z consumers participate in activities that may not have been the norm for their gender.

Low Price with 24/7 Access Availability

Gen Z yet to enter into active income earning, however they able to influence the power group for their pocket money. Some GenZers already has active online business with steady income too.

The influencers factor made GenZers to look for shops at available around the clock , any time, everywhere and always ready to respond.    They compare prices mostly online within popularly known regional marketplace, i.e Lazada vs Shopee in case of Malaysia.

Businesses that able to provide :

i. 24/7 Access

ii. Competitive Price as comparison too just within clicks

iii. prompt delivery

able to win GenZers, as this generation wants access at the touch of their fingertips, no matter the product or service.

Speed , fast, anytime also means online shops must keep items in stock at all times and websites up-to-date, not just missing a sale but to avoid losing loyal customers.

No Go For Loyalty Programs

The biggest challenge for businesses now is to forget everything they knew about consumers via loyalty programs or  through purchasing behavior. GenZers sees the world differently, and it influences their buying decisions. It is important to understand the differences with these young consumers as this generation less organized along the lines of race, gender , regional and believe.

As Gen Z goes their own way, loyalty no longer attached to their buying decision marketer need to us customer intelligence to their advantage by investing in learning more about this generation’s evolving preferences, motivations and attitudes.

One best possible way is to reach and engage with them, isn’t that possible with so many social media platforms.

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