The Art of Winning Digital Consumers, Gen Z

Today, businesses and marketers are desperately anticipating the whims of Gen Z, the demographic born after 1996. The GenZers have used the Internet since a young age, and they are generally comfortable with technology and with interacting on social media, they often been accused as disruptive that killed industries such as taxis, post, film, landline phone and even banking.

Together with this Gen Z, we consumers have access to global within our handheld smartphone and just few clicks away. The government of Malaysia through Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) conducts digital business public courses.

As GenZers is the first generation born into a fully digital world, it is time for businesses to prepare for them, who always keep their attention “almost constantly” to online market places. We need to our best to appease this generation by finding innovative ways to incorporate online orders into the web store to accommodate their shopping expectations.

More than 70% of Gen Zers influence their family’s spending that sway billions of dollars in spending power. International Business Machines Report, 2017

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