September 30, 2022

Small Business Ideas in Kuala Lumpur

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Small Business Ideas in Kuala Lumpur

We often read articles about how to run a small business, how to start a small business and how to grow a small business, etc. However, how often does someone help pitch potential ideas that accommodate the current market? How often do we get told what are the small business opportunities? The answer is not often if not, not at all.

How often do we get told what are the small business opportunities? The answer is not often if not, not at all.

Kuala Lumpur is an innovative city, in the geometrically small country of Malaysia. It is a city thriving with opportunities, international connections, and a diverse community to cater to.

Today in this article is to address the small business ideas that would be beneficial in the Malaysian community, and more precisely the society of Kuala Lumpur itself.


Education is a necessity in today society, as certifications have been recognized as the evidence to determine one’s ability, therefore the community’s response to an educational opportunity is almost guaranteed.

Small businesses tend to market prominently online as it is the most feasible way to go about things, and is certainly effective in the current age. People are no longer just going to school; they are looking for other ways to enhance their skills before entering the working world.

Being a part of the rat race has never been an attractive option, but is understood to be the norm. The “Y” generation is aggressively fighting this norm with their persistence, innovation and desire to make side income from young ages and beat the race before they fully commit to it. This evolution of the modern mentality has provided many opportunities to aid of this endeavor.

There are many ways you can make a small business out of the education industry such as:

Online Tuition

Most adolescents today are drawn to their smartphones or the Internet in some way or another. Therefore, physical books are not as conducive and appealing to them, as they are use to bit size information and it being from the screen.

Having an online tuition website, with interactive questions online say can answer online, apps they can download in conjunction with the website and a personalized account on the website so they can monitor their progress individually would add a fun and more realistic approach to the general afterschool tuition.

Online Examination Training

Students attend lessons in classes or lecture halls, then normally proceed home and do their assignments. It is as simple as that. However, who prepares them solely for examinations? Exam’s have a certain way of testing a student, starting an online examination training would appeal to the most studios of students and even those who are not very academic but certainly need all the help, coaching and tips necessary to pass.

MiBrand Quotes

Flare for writing?

Writing Content Company

A lot of companies have their strengths; marketing, consultancy, research, service, etc. However, outsourcing of freelance writers has become such a go-to solution when it comes to curating content for those industries.

A company that is prominently available for the outsourcing of creative and enthusiastic writers would really feed the communities needs, and also build writing profile for the individual employee’s, giving them a chance to work across industries and clients.

Resume composition, coaching company

People tend to have a difficulty when composting a resume that would be effective on the international stage. Professionalism, and presentation in this sector is not always taught in school so having a company dedicated to aiding this demand would be appreciated.

Coaching on work ethic, preparation and how to be ready for an interview would all be useful skills any fresh graduate, school drop out of career changer needs.

Editing and Proof Reading business

Similar to the writing content company, a editing and proof reading business would be equally as appealing. For companies who want to do their writing ‘in house’ but need a professional’s eye to run through the articles before publication is also sought for in the working world. So why not have a business fully dedicated to that aspect?

Problem Solvers

Problem Solving application

Application usage on smart phone has obviously heightened with the usability and commonness of the ‘screen’ Everyone encounters day to day problems, so as google is currently the go-to method, what is there was an app to cater directly to your community, where you can search your problem and get direct solutions and references to nearby services or simply answers to those unasked questions that have been troubling you.

Online consultation

 As everyone is almost always on the net, having a virtual consultation service rather than a physical one may be more appealing and user friendly to this generation and the ones yet to come. Consultation in general is always needed and required whether personal and work related, therefore the market for this service would be vast and reach demand quite quickly.

Consultation, in general is always needed and required whether personal and work related, therefore the market for this service would be vast and reach demand quite quickly.

Are you an organizer?

Start an event planning business

If you get excited over a well-planned itinerary, you may want to look into starting an event planning business. From weddings to parties to corporate events, if you can rise above the competition, event planning is an ideal small business idea for creative, and unique organizing entrepreneurs.

Start a personal assistant business

Similarly, if you are great at keeping on task and getting things done efficiently and in an organized manner, starting a personal assistant business might be a good fit for you. Personal assistants are highly sought for by big corporations, and even small ones.

A little extra help is always needed. A company to outsource these personnel’s would be a good business scheme and go-to solution for the Malaysian companies.

Food and Beverage

Hawker food delivery

With food panda at our service, the community has found even more comfortable in their homes. One thing Malaysian is known for is their love for food, so why not start a delivery service that partners with favorite hawker delight that to can be delivered to the foot of your home.

Office food catering business

Offices can sometimes be very isolated in industrial parks and so forth, offices also do not always give much lunch time to grab a bit and going out and hunting for what to eat and where to eat can take up a lot of that already limited time.

Starting a catering business that targets to composition of set meals for major offices and the working environment would be a very beneficial solution to the society

We hope this article intrigued you in the possible business scheme that would be easy to start with the right passionate and determination. The Malaysian community is very diverse and has a lot of needs therefore a lot of opportunities.

Can not wait to see the new small businesses popping up across Kuala Lumpur to cater to the community and fulfill the “be your own boss” dream.

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