Brand Engagement with the Millennials.

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Brand Engagement with the Millennials.

Brands are battling hard to gain more market share within the millennial space today. Their behavior patterns of purchasing are interestingly different from the rest.

We’re experiencing lesser impact through traditional advertising, as millennials are seemingly less to trust advertisements, particularly the direct advertising. Their decision making is based on structured reviews rather than ordinary leader board ads online.

The love of technology is innate in millennials as they are part of the rapid growth in technology advancement. Therefore, brands that are inclined towards a technology product or pattern have better opportunity to reach towards their target audience.

However, the adventurous lifestyle that millennials lead these days’ challenges brands to strategically plan their approach in inducing attention from them.

Within the many challenges brands face, one would question “what would be the starting point in reaching out to these breed of target audiences?” Social Media! There is no surprise that millennials are on social media almost all the time.

A surmountable amount of time out of their lives is spent browsing through social media. A brand that has millennials as their target audiences are able to utilise this platform to create memorable experiences that obliquely increases the brand awareness.

There are many disruptive brands that are on the road of examining ways to evolve and grow their brand value. It is noticeable that they are working towards meeting the demands from millennials. I’m glad they do! With that, brands should first understand the right social media tools to employ communication with them!

Corporate brands need to be present on social media and being active is only a fraction of the hurdle. One trait that the millennials have in them is that they value transparency; hence it is vital for brands to exude candour in regards with the brand’s product and image.

It can be seen across the board, when brands are dishonest or fixated only on themselves, it allows less opportunity to reach to the intended target audience. This is because the value of transparency is linked to vulnerability which allows trust to be built between the brand and its customers.

Brands that practice the “give back” outlook thru in depth Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with purpose are usually the ones that garner more brand loyalty from millennials.

It is a known fact that compared to any other demographic; the millennials uniquely decides on purchasing products based on the perception towards the brand. This reminds me of something that was said during a talk I attended which shed much light towards the concept of trust and transparency.

One of the prominent speaker mentioned that “people trust people” and that one purchases a product from the people not the brand itself. Perhaps this was true sometime back, however looking at the recent change within the mass target audiences; millennials are putting more trust in brands than people.

This explains that brand perception is also one of the many factors contributing to the decision making factor alongside the quality of the product.

In a nutshell the ‘word-of-mouth-marketing’ world is facing good change in a unique way. For example, people trust bloggers more than traditional reviews today! It relates directly to customer experience more than anything else. Your branding strategy has to be a long-term plan; otherwise you will fall out of the market sphere. Think about it.

The social media influencer market is picking up way beyond predictions. They have more power than many celebrities out there in the market. They’re cheaper, for now, and they have a huge number of followers. I would say most of them are millennials!

They seem to have a vast group of friends, peers and followers on social media that they constantly engage with by keeping up the ever-changing trends. Brands should communicate through these influencers, particularly during tactical campaigns. It is suffices to state that social media influencer’s impact are in par with the traditional advertising ways.

The remarkable growth of mobile apps today seems to be at the brands advantage to easily reach out. A good amount of studies has shown that we spend almost the whole day using our phones. Mobile apps like WhatsApp, has great potential to be closer to your target audiences.

To be more connected on a personal level helps increase brand engagement which allows loyalty to grow.

Experts found that with technology rapidly changing, the millennials easily adapt to such environmental change. This means that brands need to acquire agility in adapting to change and create digital interactions and experiences through a multi-channel approach to constantly stay relevant and in trend with the millennials demands.

Millennials are our present and future, they also happen to be digital buffs who will soon be the business decision makers. Plant your seed in the right soil and nurture it accordingly! Your brand will be in good form for the long run.

Brands like Netflix, GrabCar, UBER, and Foodpanda for that matter are great examples of disruptive brands that manage to successfully penetrate the millennial market.

Let’s conclude this! Find a way to solve a need for Millennials and create a marketing message to back it up!

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