August 12, 2022

How to Have the Best Dress on a Budget?

How to have the best dress on a budget

How to have the Best Dress on a Budget?

Peer pressure plays a big role in how we portray ourselves and that can be stressful. With a number of weddings, receptions, events, and gatherings you are being invited to having a good outfit which is different every time can be costly. How do you make sure your #ootd (outfit of the day) or even #ootn (outfit of the night) is

How do you make sure your #ootd (outfit of the day) or even #ootn (outfit of the night) is instagramable without repetition of the same getup? Well, there is a few options, for one dress rentals in Kuala Lumpur are efficient and there is a large variety of boutiques. Another option could be to switch is up with a friend or perhaps even a more cunning option is the buy a dress and make sure you keep the tag on a return it in good condition.

Let us explore these options in further depth because from today onwards, thou shan’t repeat an outfit nor spend thousands of dollars on statement gowns which you probably will only wear once.

Dress Rental

Renting a dress allows you to wear luxurious brands and exclusive designer wear at an affordable price. Kuala Lumpur houses a number of boutiques that are custom to exactly dress rental, some platforms online allow you to order the outfit to your home as others need you to travel to the shop itself for the collection of your desired piece.

Rent A Dress (RAD)

Rent A Dress (RAD) is Malaysia’s first dress rental site. It allows a large variety of authentic designer dress, retail items and gowns you can choose from. These dresses are available at a fraction of the actual retail prices, making it the one-stop solution for those outfit malfunctions.

Belles and Tuxes

At first glance, Belles & Tuxes may look like they only cater to the wedding parties and wedding scene, but in fact this establishment also houses numerous dresses and gowns for any occasion stretching from dinners, balls, nights out to casual parties. They also have an array of accessories and shoes available for rental to match! To add to this spiral of convenience, traditional Chinese wear and tuxes for the gents are also made available to the more ethnically inclined occasions.

As the cherry on the top of the icing, professional photography services are also provided for those who are looking to memorialize their oh-so-special occasion.

Kate Wedding and Evening Gowns

True to its name, Kate Wedding & Evening Gowns has a more extensive collection of wedding gowns, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot to offer when it comes to picking out dresses for any other occasion. Besides renting out dresses, you can also opt to have dresses custom made to fit.

JJ’s House

JJ’s House is an online platform that unleashes all kinds of perfect evening dresses for rent in Kuala Lumpur with a delicate design for every consumer. This boutique is also an online platform therefore allowing you to browse all the garments for rent in Kuala Lumpur by different classifications. All products from JJ’s house are of high quality with generous discounts and an excellent service. Not to mention JJ houses reputation as a leading wholesaler in China makes this boutique even more intriguing.

Absolute Pitch Costumes      

Significantly different from the other dress rentals mentioned previously in this articles, Absolute Pitch Costumes – Immersive Costumed Events (I.C.E.) ramps up with plain vanilla event management into an entirely different point of existence. They combine theatrically trained thespians and intricately designed cinematic costumes which actively push the boundaries of scripted performances.

This boutique opens the doors to a whole new imaginary world, there is only one rule to I.C.E.: Never Break Character. Audiences are continuously swept in by the grand tableau unfolding before them, bereft of the calm assurance that there is indeed a human face beneath the monster’s mask. That is how real and of quality the products from Absolute Pitch Costumes are, they actually making people second guess the existence of a human soul behind the get up. From the safety of their everyday lives, the viewer and peers can become an eerie eyewitness to the mad obsession of captain Ahab, break bread with a legendary efreet in fabled Arabia, join the starspanning voyage of the Nostromo as a doomed stowaway or find themselves hunted by the predatory Yautja.

Switch it over

Just as you feel the pain on your wallet when thinking about shopping for a new outfit, I am pretty sure your peers share the same materialistic stress. So why not share? Studies have shown that similar groups of friends also share a level of taste hence the fact that sharing your wardrobe with a close girlfriend/guy friend may be the other solutions to looking different and still wearing something of good quality and style. But! Be sure to return those items, we do not want any fall outs based on a makeover session between peers.


 Now as sneaky as this may sound, have you ever heard or maybe even acknowledged the return policy of most stores? Well even though those policies are put into line for the “customer service” a lot of photographers and some social media influencers have found a way around purchasing items, and keeping those tags on throughout the shoot or event and then returning them on a later date which falls before the given deadline.

However, as the dress rentals and even the switch up with your friends, when using this method to get the best outfit on a budget you have to make sure to keep the receipt of your temporarily purchased items as well as keeping the tag on and over all making sure the garment is in a re-sellable condition.

I hope this article has intrigued you into the many different methods and also introduced you to the dress rental options available in the thriving city of Kuala Lumpur. You now never have to worry about those high priced outfits or straining your salary just to look and feel expensive. Glamour has many forms and consider this article the “cheats” to staying fly.

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