September 30, 2022

How to Grow your eCommerce Business with Anchanto?

Anchanto’s powerful SaaS platforms – SelluSeller and Wareo are helping more than 11,500+ businesses manage their eCommerce operations.

How to Grow your eCommerce Business with Anchanto

The growth of eCommerce in Malaysia over past two decades has witnessed unprecedented growth in terms of digital infrastructure, internet penetration and eCommerce adoption. Even then, Malaysian eCommerce businesses have been struggling due to the highly fragmentated nature of the market.

Anchanto, a global technology company operating in 14 markets, including Malaysia provide software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for brands, retailers, SMEs, e-commerce enablers, third-party logistics providers, e-warehouses and postal associations.

Owing to their prolific experience of working with eCommerce businesses for more than 8 years, Anchanto’s powerful SaaS platforms – SelluSeller and Wareo are helping more than 11,500+ businesses manage their eCommerce operations. The platforms enable eCommerce businesses such as Brands, Retailers, eCommerce Enablers, eDistributors, 3PLs, Service

Both the products have been developed after incorporating their practical experience of managing eCommerce fulfilment for multiple brands. This experience has helped Anchanto build platforms that can solve actual pain points for our customers such as Garnier, L’OREAL, Maybelline, amongst other leading brands, before being released in the market.

Malaysian experiences in Growing eCommerce Business

Anchanto set up local offices with local teams across all our key markets to provide a personalised experience to all our customers. Their local teams ensure that every customer guided right from sign up point.

As an example, Luxasia is an omnichannel distributor for 2000+ beauty brands under its fold with its operations spread across 11 countries in the SEA market. The biggest challenge Luxasia encountered was managing operations across 11 countries with each country having its own retail structure, rules of origin and business variation.

Luxasia decided to implement SelluSeller to address this challenge and centralise their eCommerce management. SelluSeller’s enabled them to smoothly manage all their online stores from one dashboard and get real time updates for their operations. As a result, within a year’s span, Luxasia managed to increase the revenue growth by 7 times across Southeast Asia region.

Satyaki Banerjee, COO, Luxasia says that, “SelluSeller’s unmatched know-how of the region, backed by strong product infrastructure, has tremendously helped us establish ourselves as a leading provider of Omni channel solutions for premium beauty and lifestyle brands.”

SPF Home Deco Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s one of the largest furniture retailer also experienced significant business growth with Anchanto. Their CEO, Mr Ong Han Leong said “SelluSeller system has helped us streamline operations, achieve control and visibility, and scale performance during special sale seasons to double our revenue growth in a year.”

Mr David Wong Nan Fay, Group CEO of SnT Global Logistics Sdn Bhd said that, “SnT is delivering seamless eCommerce services to multiple brands in the region by powering logistics & warehousing operations with Anchanto’s robust and scalable system.”

Solutions to Grow eCommerce Business?

Equipped with 100+ robust and scalable integrations with eCommerce ecosystem players, and 20+ partnerships in the region Anchanto understand that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all in eCommerce management. The business model of each customer is different and hence the challenges faced by these businesses vary as per their workflows & processes.

They developed platforms that can help businesses streamline eCommerce operations, expand across channels, manage cross-border selling, enter new markets faster, scale revenue, and much more without having to invest heavily in IT infrastructure. Regardless of the size of the business, we have solutions for every eCommerce challenge.

What are the platforms?

Wareo, is a full-suite Warehouse Management System for businesses that manage or operate warehouses for eCommerce (B2C) or retail businesses (B2B).

As most of the existing warehouses management systems are not built for ecommerce needs, businesses using old/traditional warehouse management systems for managing eCommerce orders and inventory processing struggle to get this working. Anchanto reimagined Warehouse Management and built Wareo, a compact to the core platform that facilitates B2B and B2C operations productively.

Anchanto Wareo helps all APAC businesses to streamline and optimize their existing operations, manage massive volumes, and transform their businesses without having to invest into additional hard-assets. We developed Wareo after managing end-to-end multi-channel selling for multiple global brands, running our own warehouses, accumulating insights and feedback after serving regional enterprise businesses for 8 years.

Wareo helps 3PLs, Warehousing Players, Brands, Retailers and Distributors to manage B2B & B2C logistics operations at one place. With ready integrations, partnerships, innovative capabilities, easy-to use interface, cost-effective implementation, Wareo helps businesses take complete control and achieve unprecedented growth.

SelluSeller, helps businesses to manage eCommerce backend operations across multiple sales channels. With SelluSeller in place, businesses are able to bypass all complexities such as managing IT Integrations, syndicating Product Information Management (PIM) Systems, distributing catalogues, and are able to centrally manage operations seamlessly on multiple channels.

Integrated with 100+ eCommerce marketplaces, webstores, accounting tools, last-mile carriers, and ERPs such as SAP, SelluSeller helps businesses to leverage the right balance of technology and integrations. Global enterprises such as Nestle, L’OREAL, Fossil, DHL eCommerce, Bonia, Senheng, Asendia Asia, Pos Malaysia, Telkom Indonesia, Bench Retail, MYDIN, GreatDeals eCommerce, and more across APAC run their eCommerce operations via Anchanto platforms.

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