September 26, 2022

How the “live” Feature on Social Media can Benefit Small Businesses

Majority of small businesses would agree that their main agent for business marketing is online. Any businessman would also agree that the main source of revenue for a business is through their marketing tactics. So how do these two factors intertwine?

What if there was a relatively new innovative marketing tactic that is based online? Here is a tactic that is able to address customers on a more personal level and make your business seem more accessible all of which is done online. Online marketing is cost efficient, reliable and reaches a markets beyond boarders with more ease than physical methods.

So what is this method?

The Live feature has been introduced on two major social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram, and it basically allows you to be live in real time with friends, family, followers, and in our case, customers via video.

If you are not already using ‘video’ to help promote your products, services, or to simply engage with your customers, it is about time to catch up. Live video is a prominently used feature that brings life to your business and helps give viewers a behind-the-scenes insight into your business. It is also a great tool to help explain, answer and promote new elements of your business.

How does “Live” feature directly enhance the online marketing tactic?

Tip: You should mostly set up a live event in advance. This gives people a chance to gather and be more ready for when you switch on that button.

Educate your audience.

Educating your audience is a good indirect way to promote your business and its services. To be the go-to solution, your business needs to aggravate the need and its necessity in the community. Hosting a live video to talk about your businesses industry and the benefits your business contributes to certain issues in real time will create a chance for the public to emote and really feel your businesses message.

Broadcast an event.

Events are tons of fun, and a lot of businesses host at least one, perhaps to celebrate an annual achievement or to celebrate an occasion. Broadcasting the event lets people who are not there celebrate with you, making them feel like they are in the same joyous moment and a part of your ‘toast’

By doing this you are also giving the viewers an insight about how your company is on a fun level, and everybody likes to have fun. This makes you company more human, memorable, and perhaps even makes your company become to topic for the week after that amazing event you hosted.

Hold a Q&A session.

Customers are human; humans are curious beings making us very inquisitive. Giving customers a chance to throw out questions and have them answered in real time gives them additional confidence and makes me feel assured that you truly care about their satisfaction and their concerns.

A Q&A session can and will sometimes go of the topics of your business, but that is okay. Having your company interact with the customers/followers on this feature will make your business resonate with a lot of positive judgements, which is certainly good for business.

Word of mouth is very powerful to date even with the amount of technology circulating us. Having customers/followers have a positive outlook about your business, and even having your employee’s or the CEO him/herself engage with everyone will leave the company with knowledge and honest feedback for improvement. We all know that feedback forms are most commonly turned down, so this is a new creative way to get feedback, and to answer those unanswered inquires.

Put on a webinar.

We all know how ‘youtuber’ has actually become a profession if done correctly, and that is because the people of today are willing to learn VIA video. All companies/businesses/organisations have a purpose and motive, using that motive to educate the public will give customers an insight to your companies vision, mission and its ultimate purpose in a further depth than the simple sentences used in the description section of a website.

Broadcast news about your business

Here you can spontaneously discuss brand new developments or news at the very moment a change has been made to your business (such as new website changes, new product or service announcement, introducing a new employee, etc.)

Broadcasting news about your business is a way to announce new elements, ranging from even things you would not find important to the customers, such as a new wall colour, funny joke the CEO found, brainstorming, sit them into a meeting about the next seasons ideas etc. These types of news that happen on the day-to-day of your business are the “real” things, it is the elements that gives your business a personality, which will be easier for your customers to relate, emote and find comfort with. A close customer is a loyal customer.

So as you can see the list goes on and on… with this feature you can elaborate and explain something that’s relevant to your industry, or discuss current developments in your industry and/or business. It’s all about making your business up close and personal for your audience, making your business seem like a “friend” someone they want to turn to, and in more professional business terms – the go-to solution.

Remember: It doesn’t have to be a million dollar video set-up. You can use your smartphone or a webcam to get the job done, in fact this set-up is even more personal, why do you think people watch reality shows? It is all about seeing the usually ‘unseen’ aspects.

Maybe you don’t have anything new and exciting happening, or the desire to host a Q&A session, or any of the above, but you want to give your audience a look behind the curtain of your business. It helps you because connecting with your audience always adds to your businesses reputation as a company that cares about its customers, and is in touch with the customers in real time.

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