September 30, 2022

Growing Your Personal Brand Through Quality Content

Every business needs goals and directions, and a personal identity that consumers can relate to. No business, whether small or large, can be free from branding. In order to increase your brand awareness among consumers, there are several guidelines you can follow.

Branding is an essential part of marketing, as it allows the masses to familiarize themselves with your products and services. In essence, it makes you seem closer to consumers and allows them to build trust in your brand.

Contrary to popular belief, growing your brand doesn’t just involve having a good logo and tag line. You also have to make use of all the marketing avenues available. In this day and age, social media is particularly effective, so you have to ensure that the content on these platforms are vibrant and are of a high quality.

Here are some ways to improve on your content for personal branding:

Know Your Target Market

The first step in creating content is actually to identify your main target market. Be as detailed as possible about their traits. What age group, gender, nationalities or cultures are you targeting? This will help you decide what content is the most relevant.

Knowing who the content is meant for will also allow you to decide where to post your content to. For example, teens below the age of 21 generally use Snapchat, while those in their 20s and 30s can be found on Instagram more.

Knowing the general likes and dislikes of your target consumer group is an integral part of content strategy so that you can craft content that grabs their attention. This will also help you avoid subjects that may be sensitive and titles that are of less interest to readers.

Be Sincere and Honest

Contrary to popular belief, consumers are less impressed with showy marketing jargon that’s often the norm. Instead, they prefer language that makes them feel that the writer is honest and is not embellishing the facts.

This means that your content must not exaggerate the qualities of your services and products. You should also avoid making promises you can’t fulfill. Consumers and clients will appreciate a certain sense of vulnerability and openness. So it would be good to have a balance of serious corporate content, as well as content that’s more casual, relaxed and humorous.

Make Value Added Content

In addition to providing detailed information about your company, products, services, mission and goals, you should inform the customers about your processes and standards you adhere to. This step is important for building trust.

Apart from that, it’s also crucial that they know how your services and products can impact their lives. Here’s where you can add value to the content, with guides and tips on how your customers can improve their lives with your products or services. Include advice for everyday situations that they will find practical.

A good question to ask when crafting your content is also whether or not your content has a ‘shareable’ quality. This means that readers will want to share this content with friends and family as it will help them with certain decisions and tasks. Choosing a topic that ties your brand in with the value added article is therefore very important.

Make Your Content Searchable

If you’ve never heard of search engine optimization (SEO), now is the time to find out more. It’s one thing to have great content, but your content has to show up prominently on search engines too. This means that you have to analyze the terms that the content has to have in order for it to turn up frequently on Google or similar search engines like Yahoo.

SEO is more than just inserting keywords into your article, as you’ll also have to ensure that the content you put up is easy to read, has plenty of interesting graphics, short sentences and brief paragraphs.

Marketing  Your Content

Good high quality content can stay dormant and not be viewed if they’re not marketed properly. Content, no matter how good they are, can be forgotten online if no one gets to see them.  It’s not wise to just hope that the content will go viral on its own.

This is why you’ll have to come up with strategies to make your content more visible. For example, you can use Facebook’s ‘boost your post’ option to ensure more people see it. Alternatively you can start sharing the content on various social media platforms. The more platforms you share it on, the better.

Come Up with Unique Content

Here’s the most effective strategy you can use if you want to ensure that your brand truly stands out from the competition; make your content as original as possible. This means coming up with novel and unique angles on topics that may have been discussed before.

Try not to rewrite topics that have been done before, and even if you do, give it your own personal touch. Never just rephrase another person’s content. Here is where you can start to build your own brand voice with information that’s never been presented before.

Make the Content Interactive

Amidst the informative content, it does help once in a while to have content that allows the consumers to give their input. These can take the form of online polls or contests. You can also encourage your customers to leave opinions and feedback on your social media profiles.

Take time to handle these interactions as professionally as possible, as customers really appreciate it when their opinions are appreciated and acknowledged.

Vary the Type of Content

Come up with a schedule whereby you post different types of content all through the month. Long blog articles are just one type of content. You can also include webinars, instructional videos, photos, humorous comics, downloadable content, info graphics and daily quotes among others.

Varying your content prevents your clients from feeling bored and will keep them coming back to your sites for more.

The online marketing scene is definitely more competitive these days, and will become increasingly challenging in the days ahead. This is why it’s important to decide on one identity and sell it as much as possible.

When creating content on any platform, it helps to have good instincts that will enable you relate to your consumers. Once they are able to recognize your brand for its practicality and usefulness in their lives, they will begin to appreciate it. In this way, you’ll be able to make a mark with your brand in the consciousness of the masses.

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