September 30, 2022


First of all, your LOGO is not your BRAND!

Being a consultant, one of the common questions I often receive from my clients, and brand owners would be how soon they can see their names on the papers, as recognition and huge results will take place as their ROIs.

What kind of PR and Brand Awareness results are we looking at? The unfortunate scene for today is, clients are too focused directly at the return of investment through the actual sales. This is good questions, and I am more than glad to answer them. 

But there’s one question that can lead to a much more interesting discussion of what it means to manage a brand’s direction and its image as a whole, and that’s about the possible difficulty of marketing two or more brands in the same market.

Nothing wrong about it, but that’s so subjected to how powerful your Brand DNA is!

At Point Blank Mediaworks, we have a Brand Audit division that covers most of the aspect that today’s brand owners need, particularly for the SME levels. Most of the new SME Brands today seem to be pretty messed up in their brand DNA.

Perhaps it can be also because they don’t hire any experts, but relatively refer to competitors and create a fresher version of their own identity.

Think about it, this is where the fundamental issues are creating the cracks in the future. The role of your brand DNA is simply to show your uniqueness. Many brands today seem to be confused with creativity and uniqueness. Brand DNA defines your uniqueness, and creativity finds its strategical ways to reach you uniquely!


I remember hearing this in a forum sometime back, “You both may sell the same type of product and may have similar styles, but each brand has its own DNA. Your brand’s DNA is always going to be different from that of another’s.”

You are different and must be one!


Each brand is going to have its own background story. Maybe one was founded by a man who went through a life-changing experience, and because of that experience, decided to go into business for himself. Maybe another owner purchased his brand from someone else. And maybe another decided to go into business with his wife, as a means to strengthen their relationship. Right there, you have three similar brands with entirely different stories. Their DNA is different already.

The reason why this is important since it defines where this brand started that eventually will be a great inspiration for many out there. Some classic brands that has inspiring stories are Air Asia, Fipper, English Hot Breads and many more. They have a story, an origin and today have become a huge inspiration to many!


You probably will never hear this, and recently when I met an owner of a veterinary clinic was rather shocked with the word I used (DNA) to explain his fundamental branding works that needs to be done. I have no idea where this word were created but it is one of the most common word that’s been used by marketers today.  

But this isn’t a quality inherent to just these industries; rather, it’s a useful tool to help any business owner to sell their services, any entertainment artist to sell their art, and even any employee to sell themselves. Once you know the difference, it’s much easier to distinguish what you do from the competition.

The actual formulation are pretty big and analytical, and I would say this platform is not enough for me to explain it in whole, and clearly. Spare time with me, and I more than glad to accept guests concerning this topic.

Perhaps this is an important segment students today should seek experience during their internship programs in advertising and branding firms. It will strategically prepare you in advance to face real clients at work and you will see great growth in your work flow.


  • Background: Beautify your story but keep it real and the same. Is there an illuminating backstory that allows for the public to see that your passion is directly intertwined with your service? If so, that could make for a good human interest story. To know one’s future, one first needs to know his or her history and eventually embrace it.
  • Price Strategy: Consumers in Malaysia are still very ‘price-oriented’ towards many products, where it is important to be strategically right besides being competitively on the advantage side. If consumers could remember and recall your price, you are pretty much have done your work for the moment!  
  • CSR : Is your brand contributing on a local or regional level to its surrounding community, or even involved in charitable giving? Better yet, maybe your giving highlights a trend that conveys you brand’s mission. Market Sentiments are very important in dealing with consumers today.
  • Target Market: The more you know your audience, the better your DNA going to be. Your brand may sell the exact same product as another, but if one is more actively targeting a niche market, and the other is focusing on the wider, mainstream market as a whole, that changes the playing field and creates opportunities in totally different areas of media coverage.
  • Quality: “What’s the solution your brand provides?” I often ask this question to many brand owners. That brand can market itself as offering a better value or better quality products. What value is your brand offering? Get this message crystal clear, and you will see business growth taking its place towards you!

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