Business Networking

MiBrand Business Networking works to provide the missing link here for C-Level Business Owners, Government officers and Professionals not only to network but also to have furnish firsthand understanding on possible emerging challenges that businesses might encounter.

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MiBrand fully aware business world and volatility separate not as the world changes without any notification. Beside managing day to day cash flow, we need to prepare ourselves for the future and meet many prospects.

More importantly businessmen often need peers that can guide or provide some insight on business challenges and ways to overcome.

Be part of MIBrand Business Networking Club to share your business, look out for peers connections and finally be ready for the future challenges. In addition, we also offer the followings:

MIBrand Business Word Club
MIBrand Business Word Club

MIBrand Business Word Club
  1. FREE 4 issue of MiBrand Printed Magazine by post (worth RM48.00)
  2. FREE 2 Entry Pass to our CEO Business Networking Sessions (worth RM600.00)
  3. FREE 2 Pages write up about your business  (worth RM1,000.00)
  4. 30% Discount on all published advertisement rate (worth RM 600.00 for a standard page)
  5. FREE Company Website/ Social Media link back to our website
  6. Membership Certificate

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