August 12, 2022

Brezze your Connectivity Rescuer

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Smart Mobile Phone is everything today, we need to have it power on 24/7. Staying connected never been more important than in our current time. Have you ever experience your phone running low on power at the much crucial time and your friends has a different type of charges.

Brezze Ecosystem is here to reduce your stress on mobile phone power running low. Brezze power bank station provides mobile device battery charging solutions through unparalleled convenience, extremely low costs and a plethora of usage benefits.

Brezze power bank, outfitted with Apple and Android mobile devices. Brezze power banks have a power output of 6000mAh and are with CE, FCC and CB safety marks.

Step 1:

Simply download Brezze App from the Apple app store or Google play store . The app maps out routes to the nearest available Brezze stations using accurate real time GPS.

Step 2:

Scan QR code on the Brezze station to collect your power bank. Use only Pay for the rental duration. The rental rates are extremely affordable as low as RM1 per hour.

Step 3:

Charge and use while on the go, and return to any Brezze station when you are done.

With Brezze, you no longer need to carry around bulky power banks, panic when you leave home with a low battery percentage or reduce mobile usage out of fear that the battery will go flat.

Brezze your connectivity rescuer.

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