September 26, 2022

Brand Marketing Trend Predictions 2018

I have written several articles on the possibilities of progress and change within the marketing world. The need of Augmented Reality and other digital aspects are interesting subjects; but this time I am more interested in getting into the fundamentals that will make a vast impact in the marketing world in 2018.

The Dominance of Technology

There is no doubt that the rise of technology and innovation has been beneficial to the world of consumers. Even the Gen X is slowly and surely shifting to the adaptation of such progress.

The usage of mobile apps, particularly for their daily use is becoming something that Brands today are excited to be part of and to continuously get their recalling rates done effectively. I am not surprised if you see the simplest applications such as “Torch Lights” today are drowned with Google AdSense ads that somehow reaches the desired audiences effectively.

Today, if you plan a purchase at IKEA, we may notice that they even provide self-pay and walk out the use of credit card. The way technology has gained so much knowledge about the consumer’s needs and wants is mind blowing.

Yes, this is not the end!

Increase of Voice Search

The busy-routines are pushing consumers to adapt themselves towards this trend today. Thanks to WhatsApp, now consumers can talk via leaving voice notes instead of constantly typing.

Perhaps this is the alternative to a lengthy phone call or a text message. As much as I don’t personally practice it, almost everyone that I see today, are getting used to the new system.

Hence, this is now becoming a trend as this also being used in search engines. So, we might see more consumers using voice notes for their application log ins, purchase and payment passwords. On another note, the ‘walkie-talkie’ trend is taking its place once again.

Digital Media will be on the main list!

Being on the scene of media planning and buying industry, I am confident that digital media are becoming a MUST-HAVE strategy in all marketing works today. Setting up Facebook Pages and Instagram Accounts seem to be more than websites itself. This is something fascinating as many businesses are eager to learn and apply the benefits of Digital Media.

Many entrepreneurs are investing their business in the online realm and this proves to show that this method of advertising will only seize to grow in 2018.

Big Data enhancing Consumer Insights

One of the major issues I always believe that has been a lacking  among marketers these days is their confidence and knowledge in understanding their respective consumers.

Big Data is considered the new living “God” that is making a positive impact to these endless solutions. Sentiment analysis and psychographic studies now becoming helpful in forecasting consumers’ plans in their daily activities dealing with brands.

In fact, it’s said that almost 1.7 megabytes of data are consumed by each person on this earth! I believe the maturity of consumers and marketers grow in time and this will allow more accurate marketing tactics, engagements and customer satisfaction.

New Amazon + Ali Baba Brands to empower more entrepreneurs.

As we know, we put the money where the mouth is. The marketplace itself is being globally inviting!

Amazon is one of the pioneer brand that started the A-Z product sales online revolution, echoed by Ali Baba Corp eventually. The question remains whether big investors are willing to jump on such rapid paced marketing strategies or will they shift to the more subtle “Blue Ocean” thinking mechanism.

The myriad of new ideas and product innovation are being sold and promoted beyond one’s imagination this will lead the bigger players to enter the e-commerce and marketplace party platform!

My prediction says that there is much cake to be shared with other players in this industry!

LinkedIn is the next HR Assistant.

We are all on LinkedIn today! The question is, how often do we utilise its benefits and more than that, how effective it is for us to gain in this business world. LinkedIn has improvised their system to be more user-friendly, and easily connecting entrepreneurs worldwide.

Just like Facebook, not being on LinkedIn is considered ‘outdated’ in the market today. I spoke a few times on BFM 89.9 some time back, explaining why LinkedIn is a strategic tool for interviewers to use LinkedIn profile to filter how serious professional he/she can be at their work.

It’s not about the connections, and even the endorsement, but the manner of which a person contributes back to society. 2018 will be a year where LinkedIn will have a role to play in all HR departments, in measuring the uniqueness of a person’s professionalism in certain ways. In my office, it’s a new practice for any candidates to first send us their resumes through LinkedIn.

Bloggers & Influencers to be greater Marketing Agents.

This is something very close to my interest. Using the platform Veep Social Communications, I am seeing greater demand for bloggers and influencers these days. The review market and ghost writers are becoming a little behind trend as consumers are aware of the difference between a commercial work and constructive feedback.

The trust towards bloggers and influencers are becoming more popular than the celebrities themselves. The engagement rates are good and accurate enough that it leads to convey key marketing messages and this is the trend that will set a new benchmark in 2018! And yes, brands have been monetizing these platforms, in which certified and recognized bloggers and influencers are going have a feast of income if they can play their roles ethically!

SME Brands to Rise Bigger.

SME brands are no longer as what we think. Start Ups and new companies don’t mean that the entrepreneurs themselves are freshies in the business. NO doubt, we might experience millennials to be part of the group, but I am expecting the good ones with the  necessary knowledge to be involved.

They will rise and become a threat to the bigger players.

This is also because the rise of understanding the needs and wants of today’s consumers in the market. Starbucks Coffee will be still on the top, but it doesn’t mean that PULP can be easily ignored. The market share now easily can be tapped regardless of how big your firm or brand equity is, as long your promise is good and well positioned.   

Sports Marketing to continue to Grow.

Top brands such as WONDA Coffee, AirAsia, Maxis and more are into this precious game! The need of such time-spent of consumers as sports audience is so captive where the brand placements are so impactful in creating the recalling rates, despite of all the increase in cost of advertisings.

Key sponsorships and title sponsorships going to be still a big thing in all sports related matters and this will continue growing. Perhaps, this is one of the greatest platform where Celebrity Endorsements possibly work better for brands today!

Branded Content Strategy to Increase

You’ll see more brands being indirectly used in major movies, trailers and movie promotions in local and international scenes. I am working on some projects and I see a great interest level from brands to make marketing investments to be more popular in the hearts and minds of the consumers.

You’ll see more inspirational efforts by brands that will buy the minds of the consumers in 2018. That’s for sure.

Nevertheless, there’s no such thing called ‘wrong marketing’ in business, as every effort being put is a marketing effort. It’s a matter of being more strategic and accurate about it.

By Prasath Kangaras

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