September 26, 2022

Best Time To Improve English Skills Online

best time to improve English skills online

The COVID19 lockdown time period is the best time to improve English skills online by making full use of online resources. The abundance of online information and resources shouldn’t be taken for granted including those available for FREE of charge.

How about playing online games that help to expand vocabulary, writing short passages and sharing it on social platforms, signing up for quality reading materials, or registering for online courses that can tackle specific English skills.

To make sure that learning does not stop Sunago Education Sdn Bhd has opened up its e-learning platform to students with online practices and quizzes to help with learning from home.


Sunago Education is the first online live English training programme provider registered with the HRDF. “What we offer is an accumulative more than 20 years of experience in the English Language Teaching industry. With a strong track record for our brick and mortar classes, we are on track to perfecting the blended learning method,” explained Shereen Chee, COO of Sunago.

Best time to improve English skills online

Unlike most online teaching platforms that function as a marketplace for students and teachers, Sunago controls the full student experience starting with:

  • An English placement test to gauge the student’s proficiency level before embarking on the programme,
  • Teaching content & methodology in partnership with international publishers such as Pearson,
  • Skills evaluation and assessments.

We want to make sure that the training programme is catered to their specific needs and relevant to their industry and job roles. This holistic and personal approach to English Language learning online is what makes us different in the current market. – Shereen Chee, COO of Sunago.


This lockdown period provides the perfect opportunity for working adults to bump up with their English skills now. The movement control order (MCO) provided more time now since we do not need to commute to work, or attend events or conferences. With just an extra hour a day dedicated to English learning, we will be able to see the results probably by the end of the MCO.

  1. How to improve English Vocabulary?

    Play online games that helps to expand vocabulary, write short passages and share it on social platforms, sign up for quality reading materials, or register for online courses with Sunago to tackle specific English skills.

  2. What is the Achievements of Sunago?

    Sunago has conducted English training for our national training agency, Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), and a long-standing retail company, Parkson.

    They managed to connect approximately 5000 students to Native Speaking English teachers from all over the world – exposing the students to different backgrounds and also accents that most of them would not have access to otherwise.

  3. Is there any Prerequisite to Join?

    Sunago requires each trainee to complete a placement test at the beginning of the training and a completion test at the end of the training.

    They can therefore track our trainees progress and we’re happy to share that 75% of the trainees are able to show improvement or move to the next proficiency level within the short 4-12 weeks of learning online with Sunago. 

Much like for students, working adults have a lot of digital resources available to them. However, even with access to hours of e-learning content, adults tend to get distracted by other things at home, such as baking, exercising, or cleaning which is why, this is a great time to connect with English teachers around the world. You will be able meet via a video conferencing tool for an hour/day – put into practice your speaking and writing skills, get on-the-go feedback and correction.


Here’s a popular stigma of online learning: students log in to a portal, do a few questions, and spend the other time browsing through their social media feed.

Sunago believes in the benefits offered by the abundance of rich educational content online. These are usually interactive in the sense that there are videos, visual guides, audio books, gamification, and dynamic quizzes and tasks.

“At Sunago, we get our students to attend one-to-one sessions with a dedicated & experienced teacher to build an interest around the skills and topic at hand. Blending on the power of one-to-one and face-to-face interaction with another person,” continued Shereen. “This human element is irreplaceable when it comes to making learning interactive. It personalize the teaching to suit each learner’s needs, strengths & weaknesses.”

Then the students are tasked to complete their online assignments which consists of interviews, case studies, and graded practices & tests. These will be reviewed in the next face-to-face session to make sure that the student has put into practice the new skills and information acquired.

During this MCO period, take care of your loved one and enjoy learning and upskilling yourself.

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