MBA50 Award 2019

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The Reward

The award will take the symbolic and artistic value, designed exclusively trophy. This will be accompanied by a certificate of commendation signed preferably by a Minister  and a member of the panel of evaluation.

In addition, the recipient will benefit from enhanced visibility of their work, through promotion campaign coordinated by media partner of MBA 2018.

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The SME sector is incredibly diverse. It ranges from single-person operations to operations with up to 200 employees; and from trout farming, to car sales, to engineering, and a lot more besides. Despite the wide diversity in the sector the issues are very similar, the support system to guide and recognize their contributions.

“Although the sectoral growth of SMEs is impressive, we need to grow at a rate of 8 % higher to achieve that target of 41 %.  If we are able to do so, SMEs will continue being the driving force for the economy.”

Prime Minister , SME Conference 2017

In a nutshell the sector is the heart that pumps the economic blood to the vital organs Malaysian economy. To acknowledge and appreciate the important role the sector plays in promoting wealth and prosperity in the continent, MIBrand Business Magazine [MIBrand] pleased to introduce the MIBrand Business Awards [MBA50].

The idea behind the Awards is to identify and recognize the best performing SMEs in particular the  SME Business communities in Malaysia.

The Awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on the 20th July 2019.

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Impact of MBA50 Awards

The MBA Awards are a crucial to the development of Malaysian Business especially on :

Upholding the Business Professionalism

The MBA Awards are instrumental in putting into action the values of professionalism upon Malaysian Businesses especially among the SMEs in Malaysian.  By showcasing successful model we anticipate emerging entrepreneurs to practice business professionalism.

Educating Emerging Business Persons

The impacts of the MBA50 Awards are significant. Short films , live testimonials and special  interviews expose the audience to the realities and the nature of doing business in Malaysia. In addition, the all the winning businesspersons realize the sweetness of their handwork has been shared by fellow members of Malaysian.

Establishing Relationships

The event allows the participants to establish and develop key relationships with key policy  makers and philanthropists, corporate chieftains and public in general.

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Eligibility Criteria

The award evaluation committee will consider nominations of Malaysian business leaders who had proven that they have a vision and the commitment towards business sustainability, Innovation and practices creative / unique  Business Model while satisfying the following criteria:

  • The business person that demonstrates the influence he or she had on their company’s business management and operations in identifying, innovating company policies, services and products towards high income growth
  • The business leader has led a socially responsible towards Malaysia and entrepreneurship development
  • The business leader has successfully engaged with multi-racial Malaysian and serves beyond has high growth potential
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Nomination Form

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Submission and More Info:

MBA50 Award Secretariat:
Unit 10-01, The Vertical II, Tower B,
Avenue 3,Bangsar South City,
No.8, Jalan Kerinchi ,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2242 0550  Fax: 603-2242 4994
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