September 30, 2022

Amazing online Malaysia Fashion Stores and their Creative Design

Nowadays, the fashion industry has become increasingly more diverse. Whether it be the staple traditional wear, clothes for casual everyday comfort or elegant sophistication. There are a variety of clothes being designed to appeal to every walk of life and occasion.

As a result, people now have expanded freedom in how they choose to express themselves to the world as an individual and the Malaysian fashion scene is no different.

The internet has always been the breeding grounds for creativity and individual independence. As a result, creative endeavours such as online fashion designers and boutiques can be born with greater ease and at greater rates.

With Malaysia’s population consisting of mainly large concentrations of ethnic Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures, the land provides for the perfect environment for a vibrant fusion of clothing to be cultivated.

Ranging from modest clothing to beautiful designs that will surely turn heads in public, here are a few creative home-bred online Malaysian brands worthy of your attention.

Andaaz Fashion

When it comes to ethnic cultural clothing, the local Malaysian brand Andaaz Fashion delivers beautiful high-quality Indian cultural wear from the skilled tailors and designers for its fashion-conscious customers since 2008.

Whether it be the fashionable sarees or dapper kurtas, the clothing designed by the Andaaz Fashion boutique are guaranteed to impress. In addition to this, the clothing by the boutique is offered at affordable prices. Making it one of the top Malaysian online fashion brands for traditional Indian clothing.

The Batik Boutique

The batik fabric has always been a staple of traditional Malay heritage, and the Batik Boutique specializes in producing clothing and accessories made of exactly that. Founded in 2013 by Amy Blair, the Batik Boutique’s mission is to help economically empower women from lower socioeconomic households in Malaysia.

Stunning yet modest skirts, to artistic, unique bags. The Batik Boutique only brings the best to its clothing lines. With over 150 women working with the business, the company not only produces fashionable clothing for women. It has also made a positive impact on Malaysian communities, winning the MaGIC Social Entrepreneurship Amplify Award in 2015.


Originally producing indie designer T-shirts for women, Milktee is an affordable homegrown Malaysian pioneer brand formed in 2010. With their mission statement being to “Make Good Outfits”, this online boutique specializes in delivering simplistic yet stunning designs for women.

Be it flamboyant flare sleeve tops or stylish maxi skirts. The boutique produces high-quality, gorgeous, comfy designs for its customers while maintaining modesty and class. The minimalistic approach to the design ensures that the clothing is comfortable for the everyday casual wearer.


Doublewoot is another well-established homegrown Malaysian fashion brand which had started up in 2005. Making numerous appearances on Malaysian national media such as Women’s Weekly, The Star and other news outlets, Doublewoot caters to women who only want the best that money can offer. The luxurious designs offered are ideal for both the modest and demure, and the chic and confident of women.

On top of being an affordable luxury brand, the boutique makes additions to its collection weekly, ensuring that the designs available always remain trendy and stylish. An elegant choice for those who want to be stylish in and out of the workplace.

The Swagger Salon

The Swagger Salon, or as the motto would have it, “The Self-made Society”, is a Malaysian-grown fashion brand and one that is not by any means, shy when it comes to being proud of it. The brand has been independently run since 2010 and specializes in urban streetwear catering to the youth, specifically those in the hip-hop community.

The minimalistic design and bold letter print of the T-shirts, such as those from the flagship clothing line, LANSI, is a popular choice for Malaysian streetwear enthusiasts.

What is most unique about this fashion label is the story behind its success. The founder of the brand, Koh Yung Shen, grew up engrossed in the hip-hop scene with an interest in graffiti art and T-shirt design.

As a young entrepreneur amongst the developing urban streetwear fashion movement, Shen decided to pitch in, launching his very own clothing line, LANSI. The term “lansi” is urban Malaysian-speak, originating from Cantonese with the meaning of “arrogant, proud or cocky”.

This attitude, mirrored in the youthful hip-hop community, alongside the inspirational success story of a young Penang boy behind the brand, has led to The Swagger Salon establishing itself as one of the most popular urban streetwear brands in Malaysia.


A lot of words come to mind when you see the dresses designed by this boutique. Originality, elegance, beauty and sophistication to name a few. ByMeichi is a Malaysian-grown fashion brand formed by Meichi Phoon in 2009. The boutique specializes in designing astonishingly creative and elegant customized dresses for important occasions, specifically wedding ceremonies.

Each of the dresses designed by the boutique is sewn with high-quality fabric from around the word and create a perfect blend of traditional wedding dresses and a contemporary modern style. All the while, maintaining practicality, versatility and of course, comfort.


Being part of the top 10 online fashion stores in Malaysia, Twenty3 is a well-known homegrown Malaysian fashion brand. Founded by Sherlyn Tan, the company seeks to support and spread designs from local Malaysian designers.

Providing clothing suited for multiple different occasions, Twenty3 offers a wide variety of clothes to choose from. Formal attire for work, comfortable clothes for casual days, stunning wedding dresses or athletic wear for going to the gym, the Twenty3 brand embraces femininity in all its designs. In addition to this, the brand also has a Muslimah clothing line for women who would like to dress stylish and modest at the same time.

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