September 30, 2022

About Us

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MIBrand Magazine aims to promote and to help business leaders secure niche advantage by making their business brand a force for good.

Our mission as a business magazine is to ensure present a unique angle on the things local business in Malaysia needs to know. We will publish a credible and influential magazine that will galvanize the public especially the government and decision-makers into taking actions that will change the business socio-economic landscape and society in general for the

To be the reference centre for information that drives brand development, business growth and appreciate the success.

Commenced as Usahawan Asia, then renamed as MiBrand [acronym for Malaysian Iconic Brand]  we’re passionate about championing uprising and growing businesses as well as new startups.

Mibrands works to provide fresh perspectives and representing innovative solutions, we’re interested in the start-ups and SMEs that are helping to drive Malaysia forward.

We not only publish researched write-ups by our panel members, guest writers but rather works to investigate deeper the problems and issues associated with the development of business in general and uprising Business issues in specific.

From time to time, we cover the founders and movers that are making business exciting.

Every issue covers up-to-the-minute content and presents a unique angle on the things local business in Malaysia need to know, from maximizing the potential of new technology mobile to setting the world alight on social media.

We also gather the best and brightest voices in the community to share their experience that make magic or reinvent businesses in Malaysia at all level.

If you want a finger on the pulse of entrepreneurial Malaysian, then look no further.

Both MiBrand online and printed Magazine is published by Biz Zoom Media Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a publication licensed entity registered with Ministry of Home Affairs Malaysia.


Print Circulation     : 5,000 copies through targeted mail post direct to office address of C Level Corporate Executives and Top Government Officers
Digital Circulation  : 30,000 copies through email & messaging services
Social Media            : 300,000 followers (combined)
Readership               : 60,000