September 30, 2022

10 Things Mentally Strong People Should Avoid

For each individual, life offers its own unique set of challenges.  Getting through these challenges requires some degree of mental strength. Although the definition of mental strength is subjective, many will agree that those who are mentally strong often weather adversity with great fortitude.

Mentally strong people are also kind, generous and dependable. They’re often relied upon as an anchor when things hit rock bottom. If you’d like to try being more mentally strong, here are some things to avoid:

Showing Off

There’s a stark difference in being presentable and well groomed, to being unhealthily obsessed with self image. Mentally strong people always know that it’s the heart that counts, and not external shows of pomp and wealth.

If you’re always pushing yourself to look perfect on the outside  to prove to everyone that you’re living the high life, you may lose sight of what’s important.  Always remain humble and prioritize those who love you above any form of material gain.

Resisting Change

A wise person once said that the only constant in the world is change. Mentally strong people always embrace change, especially if that change is for the better. It’s therefore always wise to embrace new technology and understand the latest concepts. New ideas are not always as difficult as they appear to be, and it’s advisable adopt the habit of life long learning.

It’s dangerous to hang on too long to conventional or traditional ways of doing things if they no longer work. No matter how well certain things work in the past, technology and new concepts are often moving forward and the best way to survive is to catch up to them.

Trying to Please Everyone

No matter how hard you try to do the right things, there will be those who don’t support your decision. This is why it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of your actions carefully. The opinions and feedback of others are important, but you have to know that you can’t follow everyone’s opinion.

This also means that you shouldn’t expect to be popular all the time. It sometimes takes an unpopular decision to ensure the happiness of many.

Holding On to the Past

Letting go of past failures can be more difficult than it sounds.  Ever so often, these bad decisions and traumatic events may come back to haunt you. However, being mentally strong means being steadfast and believing in your abilities and skills.

Dwelling on the past can be extremely unproductive, and moving forward is the only way to ensure you survive various adversities.

Giving Up After the First Try

Sometimes, you may lack the proper experience to carry out a task or project so it would be normal to not achieve what you want at the first attempt. However, this doesn’t mean that you are any less able or talented.

Failure is the best teacher, so getting up and moving on is important. Make your initial failure a stepping stone to improving your strategy and approach. No matter how many times you fail, you’ll always get up by remembering that failure should be a lesson, and not a stumbling block.

Looking Down on Yourself

Praise is often withheld by many parents for fear of their children becoming too proud or pompous. However, many of these children grow up with very low self esteems. If you had a similar experience growing up, it may be time to re-examine the way you view yourself.

Start by taking stock of your achievements, no matter how small they may be. Even being kind and generous can be considered a great achievement. Once you do this, you can start building self confidence and start building your own personal self respect. Remember that in order for others to respect you, you have to start respecting and loving yourself.

Trying to Control Everything

People who are worldly wise are always able to accept that they can’t control everything. As humans, we can make decisions but we cannot control circumstances. Part of being mentally and emotionally strong involves the ability to let go and not feel guilty about things that are out of your control.

The decisions of others, economic downturns and natural disasters are just some of the things you can’t control. Therefore, you should not feel guilty about the way things turn out because of them.

Feeling Entitled

Everyone starts out in this world on an equal footing, and no one should expect that the world will be kinder to them just because of certain traits that they have. This is a dangerous mindset to have, as you can stunt your own growth.

The feeling of entitlement is one which may lull you into complacency, as you expect that success will come easily with just some effort. In truth, no one is exempt from failure and bad decisions. No one should believe that the world owes them anything, no matter who they are.

Feeling Jealous

Envy and jealousy are the outward manifestations of self doubt. People who easily become envious often like to compare themselves to others. They often find themselves inferior, and therefore are unable to see their own gifts and count their blessings.

Mentally strong people will focus on their own lives and be able to accept the successes of others. Staying on tract with your own goals in life will help you become less distracted by the things that other people are doing.

Submit Without Questioning

Mentally strong people are always in control of their own lives. They will not submit to any form of control without first questioning the motives of the person who is trying to run their lives.

This does not mean that mentally strong people should always rebel against authority. In fact, submitting to authority is a good thing. However, that submission should be done by remembering that only you can control your own emotions and decisions. In the end, you are the only one that will have to live with the consequences of these decisions.

Being mentally strong does not equal to being in a position of authority all the time. Sometimes, people in the humblest positions and circumstances are considered the most mentally strong.  One good example of this is Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She spent many years overcoming all forms of challenges and barriers to establish one of the most effective charity movements in the world. All these were achieved while she lived in very humble circumstances.

One good path to pursue in order to become stronger mentally is to ensure that your mental health is being taken care of. This means that you should manage your stress in a positive way, and know when you need to seek professional help. Remember that a healthy mind is a strong mind, and a strong mind will get you through life’s challenges.

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